About us

RSBG SE, which has its headquarters in Essen, is a holding subsidiary of the RAG-Stiftung. Our shareholdings generate a part of the income that the RAG-Stiftung uses to finance the perpetual obligations resulting from Germany’s hard coal mining industry.


Our experienced team has many years of expertise in the investment business and supports the shareholdings on all relevant issues.

Board of Executives of RSBG SE
CEOs of subsidiaries and members of Executive Committee
Luca Borella, CEO Masco Group
Luca Borella
CEO of Masco Group
Olaf Hoffmann, CEO of Dorsch Gruppe GmbH
Olaf Hoffmann
CEO of Dorsch Group
Thomas Hähn, CEO United Robotics Group GmbH
Thomas Hähn
CEO of United Robotics Group and Founder of HAHN Group
Peter Nöthen
CEO and Founder of Qvest Group
Philipp Unterhalt, CEO of HAHN Group GmbH
Philipp Unterhalt
CEO of HAHN Group
Martin Wynaendts, CEO of LAB14 Group GmbH
Martin Wynaendts van Resandt
CEO of LAB14 Group
Team of RSBG SE
Grusche Dütemeyer
Grusche Dütemeyer
Senior Vice President Finance & Strategic Projects
Benedikt Flosbach
Vice President Accounting
Jenny Franke
Vice President Finance
Carmen Glück
Carmen Glück
Senior Group Accountant
Dr. Hanna Gotta
Senior Legal Counsel
Dr.-Ing. Katharina Helten
Senior Vice President Technology
Dr. Andreas Jäger
Dr Andreas Jäger
Senior Vice President Corporate Development/M&A
Michaela Komers
Finance and Treasury Controller
Dr.-Ing. Fabian Kraemer
Executive Assistant
Beatrijs Mertens
Beatrijs Mertens
Executive Assistant to the Management Board
Eva Michael
Business Intelligence Controller
André Mohr
Head of Treasury
Sarah Nowak
Vice-President People & Culture
Dr. Jana Pannemann
Dr Jana Pannemann
General Counsel
Max Paulsen
Max Paulsen
Vice President Mergers & Acqusitions
Peter Rempp
Head of Compliance
Patrick Schwane
Treasury Analyst

History of RSBG SE

Since the end of coal mining in the Ruhr and Saar regions and at Ibbenbüren in December 2018, the RAG-Stiftung has been bearing the responsibility for financing the perpetual obligations resulting from hard coal mining in Germany. These perpetual obligations include pit water management, polder measures and groundwater purification. The RAG- Stiftung earns the income necessary to finance the perpetual obligations through its strategic shareholdings and its diversified capital investments. As part of these measures, the RAG-Stiftung also established RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft in 2014. It was renamed RSBG SE when it was converted into a European stock corporation (Societas Europaea) in 2019. Other strategic shareholdings of the RAG-Stiftung include Evonik Industries AG and Vivawest Wohnen GmbH.
Since its establishment, our company has invested around one billion Euros and thus contributed substantially to the development of many successful business cases, products and services at our associate companies.


Founding of RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
Investment in the HAHN Group
Investment in Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik
Investment in the Qvest Group
Investment in Dorsch Gruppe
Investment in the Masco Group
Conversion into the European stock corporation RSBG SE
Investment in the United Robotics Group
Career opportunities

Together towards success—for RSBG SE and its associate companies, this is both a requirement and an obligation.

The professional specialization of the individual only contributes to the sustainable success of a company when everyone works together. This applies even more in times of technological change and increasingly complex social and economic issues.

The companies of RSBG SE are looking for dedicated and motivated employees who would like to implement future- oriented projects together with other experts—in a wide variety of disciplines, for very different customers, in Germany, in Europe and throughout the world.

Career portals of the RSBG subsidiaries