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Jörg Kilb, Philipp Unterhalt, Frank Konrad, Diego van Muylem, Executive Board of HAHN Group

“We are the partner for finding solutions for smart factories—globally and digitally.”

Jörg Kilb, Philipp Unterhalt, Frank Konrad, Diego van Muylem
As special machine builders, the companies of the HAHN Group develop, manufacture and integrate tailor-made, high- performance automation and robot solutions for manufacturing companies. Thanks to modular and flexible concepts, the desired degree of automation and the conditions in the production hall are always taken into account.

The HAHN Group combines experienced specialists and broad technological expertise so that it can offer tailor-made solutions and global service across industries. The integrated solutions, digital technologies and robot systems from the HAHN Group continuously support companies in the creation of smart factories. This is also done by providing production as a service. Whether it’s a question of systems for high-precision material applications or automation systems with short cycle times, innovative strength, service orientation and proximity to the customer make the HAHN Group a long-term partner for discerning customers in the automotive, healthcare, electronics and consumer goods sectors, among others.
About the management team
Philipp Unterhalt has been with the HAHN Group since 2014 (initially in his role as Head of Corporate Development at RSBG). He has served as Managing Director since 2019 and as CEO since 2021.

As a shareholder and CEO of HAHN Automation, Frank Konrad has strengthened the management of the HAHN Group since February 2022. As CTO and COO, he contributes his decades of experience in the automation industry.
HAHN Group
Facts & figures

Employees: 1.800+
Service professionals: 120+
Installed equipment & process lines: 3.600+
Technological experience in years: 30+
Number of locations worldwide: 22

From individual solution to smart factory

The customers of the HAHN Group companies benefit from a wide range of automation solutions, starting with very small projects for individual grippers or robot arms, through the expansion of existing systems with flexible additions and extending to standardized modules and test and inspection systems. With the planning, implementation and commissioning of complex production lines, the HAHN Group accompanies its customers’ smart factory projects worldwide.

For the highest level of advice and service, the HAHN Group has numerous locations in the main economic regions and time zones. The group’s global network enables fast response times and customers benefit from local contacts. This proximity to the customer in combination with tailor-made solutions forms the basis for long-term partnerships.

robotic technology

In less than 30 years, the HAHN Group was able to develop from a small design office in the Hunsrück region to a global group of companies. Thomas Hähn founded the company Hähn Engineering in 1992. Later on this evolved into HAHN Automation GmbH, which established its first foreign facility, in the USA, only eight years after its foundation.

In 2014, RSBG SE acquired the majority in HAHN Automation, which at that time already employed 350 people at seven locations worldwide. HAHN Group GmbH was founded in 2017 and serves as a platform for the further development of the group companies. These companies benefit from the group’s synergies, sharing of knowledge, and areas of expertise in their further development. Today, the HAHN Group and its subsidiaries have over 1,700 employees in Europe, North America and Asia.


Establishment of Hähn Engineering
HAHN Automation’s first foreign facility
Acquisition of REMAK in the state of Hesse
Expansion to Turkey and Switzerland
Establishment of HAHN Automation, CZ (Czech Republic)
Investment by RSBG SE
First acquisitions and establishment of new companies:
WEMO Automation in Sweden becomes part of the network
Establishment of HAHN Robotics, HAHN Automation China and HAHN Automation Mexico
Entry into the healthcare industry with Waldorf Technik
Establishment of the HAHN Group
Invotec (USA) becomes part of the network of companies
The HAHN Group expands its network
GeKu becomes part of the HAHN Group Material Handling Division
Rethink Robotics is founded in Germany following the sale of the US assets
Establishment of HAHN RobShare
Investment in Kitov Systems
DFT, Walther Systemtechnik, HAHN Ruhrbotics and REI Automation become part of the HAHN Group
1,500 employees worldwide
The service robotics activities are spun off to the United Robotics Group (URG)
DAHL Automation GmbH becomes part of the HAHN Group
25 locations and a new CEO
The founder and CEO Thomas Hähn transfers to URG, where he becomes CEO. His successor as the CEO of the HAHN Group is Philipp Unterhalt.
Olaf Hoffmann, CEO of Dorsch Group
Success Story
Olaf Hoffmann
CEO of Dorsch Gruppe
Dorsch Gruppe is a respected and innovative consulting and engineering partner. Through the combination of local presence and international backing from the entire group, we have been able to significantly expand our strong position in Germany as well as internationally.
Martin Wynaendts van Resandt, CEO of LAB14
Success Story
Logo LAB14
Martin Wynaendts van Resandt
CEO of LAB14 Group
The LAB14 Group invests primarily in companies whose products and services are fundamental to advanced micro- and nanofabrication technologies. Our vision is to combine individual know-how and long-standing customer relationships in order to develop tailor-made modular solutions and services.
Luca Borella, CEO Masco Group
Success Story
Logo Masco Group
Luca Borella
CEO of Masco Group
The Masco Group is a group of companies in the global life sciences market specializing in engineering, consulting and technology. Our core competencies are the design, development, manufacture and integrated project delivery of prefabricated, modular and customized high-purity process systems.
Peter Nöthen, CEO Qvest Group
Success Story
Logo Qvest Group
Peter Nöthen
CEO and Founder of Qvest Group
Qvest is the reliable trailblazer and companion for dealing with challenges related to digital transformation. In addition to excellent teamwork, this primarily requires a partner who enables the long-term development of the company. We found this partner in RSBG SE, and since then we have been able to significantly promote the organic and inorganic expansion of Qvest, both geographically and in terms of our range of services.
Thomas Hähn, CEO United Robotics Group GmbH
Success Story
Logo United Robotics Group
Thomas Hähn
CEO of United Robotics Group and founder of HAHN Group
The United Robotics Group bundles hardware and software expertise under one roof and, together with partners and customers, develops tailor-made service robotics solutions for challenges in the fields of medicine, care, hospitality and education. In addition, with “Robot as a Service” the group offers a flexible subscription model for the automation of operational production.
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