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Luca Borella , CEO of Masco Group

“We are your partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing processes.”

Luca Borella, CEO Masco Group
Luca Borella
Masco is a group of engineering, consulting and technology companies operating in global markets for the life sciences industry. Our core competencies are the design, development, manufacture and integrated project delivery of prefabricated, modular and customized high-purity process systems. We already have 100 years of industry experience. Our self-confidence and our professionalism ensure that we can meet our customers’ needs. The success of the Masco Group is based on the tireless commitment of the individual companies and the long-standing partnership with RSBG SE. This stability allows us to always strive for better results and look to the future with commitment and confidence.

More than 1000 experts support our customers in the divisions of the group: pure water technologies, processing technologies, compliance and validation consulting, engineering and turnkey modular solutions, and automation solutions. This is one of the reasons why we are able to offer a unique integrated service that is unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Masco brings experience, know-how and a synergistic approach to providing the best range of systems and services to optimize pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production and manufacturing in a unique integrated solution.
People at Masco
We are a team of professionals working in an innovative international environment, contributing to the health of billions of people around the world. We are proud to work with industries and customers who also support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. From our scientists and engineers to our manufacturing and administrative staff, we are dedicated to our work and continually strive to become a better partner to those who are developing life-saving treatments.
Masco Group
Facts & figures

Number of qualified professionals: 1.000+
Equipment and process lines supplied: 15.000+
Customers: 6,000+ in more than 100 countries
Number of projects completed each year: 300
Number of countries around the world in which it is active: 100+

Past, present and future

Masco's history begins in 1912 and over time has produced some of the best and most innovative companies in various areas of life sciences.



Founding of Masco/Stilmas
Founding of Olsa (Italy)
Subsidiary in France
Founding of DOC in Italy
Subsidiary in China
Subsidiary in the USA
Masco HQ doubles its number of branches and production facilities
Investment by RSBG SE
Subsidiary in Canada
Acquisition of BCD Engineering (Ireland)
Subsidiary in Germany
Acquisition of KeyPlants AB (Sweden)
Masco Group reorganizes around focused business units
Olaf Hoffmann, CEO of Dorsch Group
Success Story
Olaf Hoffmann
CEO of Dorsch Gruppe
Dorsch Gruppe is a respected and innovative consulting and engineering partner. Through the combination of local presence and international backing from the entire group, we have been able to significantly expand our strong position in Germany as well as internationally.
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Success Story
Jörg Kilb, Philipp Unterhalt, Frank Konrad, Diego van Muylem
Executive Board of HAHN Automation Group
The customers of the HAHN Automation Group companies benefit from a wide range of automation solutions, starting with very small projects for individual grippers or robot arms, through the expansion of existing systems with flexible additions and extending to standardized modules and test and inspection systems. The HAHN Automation Group supports its customers worldwide with the planning, implementation and commissioning of complex production lines. Moreover, it continuously accompanies them as they create advanced smart factories.
Martin Wynaendts van Resandt, CEO of LAB14
Success Story
Logo LAB14
Martin Wynaendts van Resandt
CEO of LAB14 Group
The LAB14 Group invests primarily in companies whose products and services are fundamental to advanced micro- and nanofabrication technologies. Our vision is to combine individual know-how and long-standing customer relationships in order to develop tailor-made modular solutions and services.
Peter Nöthen, CEO Qvest Group
Success Story
Logo Qvest Group
Peter Nöthen
CEO and Founder of Qvest Group
Qvest is the reliable trailblazer and companion for dealing with challenges related to digital transformation. In addition to excellent teamwork, this primarily requires a partner who enables the long-term development of the company. We found this partner in RSBG SE, and since then we have been able to significantly promote the organic and inorganic expansion of Qvest, both geographically and in terms of our range of services.
Thomas Hähn, CEO United Robotics Group GmbH
Success Story
Logo United Robotics Group
Thomas Hähn
CEO of United Robotics Group and founder of HAHN Group
The United Robotics Group bundles hardware and software expertise under one roof and, together with partners and customers, develops tailor-made service robotics solutions for challenges in the fields of medicine, care, hospitality and education. In addition, with “Robot as a Service” the group offers a flexible subscription model for the automation of operational production.
Success Story
RSBG Ventures
As a subsidiary of RSBG SE and therefore part of the RAG-Stiftung, RSBG Ventures is positioned where tradition meets the future. Having grown from our roots in coal mining, we are expanding our involvement beyond our traditional portfolio of medium-sized companies and focusing on promoting and growing start-ups. The start-ups in question provide innovative solutions in future-oriented sectors.
RSBG Value Investments
Value Investments is the growth partner for future markets. A forward-looking market environment, innovative business models, established core brands and a high level of implementation expertise characterize the DNA of Value Investments and its portfolio of companies.